This Is Going To Hurt: A Review

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36349276I recently finished This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay and it was a fantastic read. It was both heartbreaking in places, and humourous in others. From reading the reviews I expected this somewhat but reading it is something else.
This isn’t a genre that I’d normally pick up but I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews about this book, and as it was on offer in Waterstones, I thought I’d pick it up and give it a go.

This book is the ‘secret diary of a Junior Doctor’ and it was so interesting to read. I found myself really engaging with the information Kay was giving us, finding some of his stories shocking, whilst others were amusing. I loved the footnotes as well, they really helped explain a lot of things, especially all of the medical jargon! I don’t think I would have known half of what he was talking about if it weren’t for the footnotes!

I think Kay’s voice throughout this book was great. I enjoyed hearing about things from him, and especially liked the starts of sections where he explained the different roles. It was an extremely honest read, especially when it came to talking about the long days and nights on a shift.

This was a really insightful read, and it’s one I don’t think I’ll forget in a hurry. Because of the nature of the book, I would warn anyone who is squeamish or isn’t a fan of body-related stories as there are a fair few in this book.

Overall I gave this book 5/5 stars because it really blew me away, and I’m eager to read others like it. I think it was very truthful and well put together, and I would highly recommend it. It was an interesting read and I’m glad I’ve finally read it. I can see why other reviewers have spoken so highly of it.

 Have you read this book or any others like it? Let me know!

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