Tag: 7 Things I Like In A Book

A massive thank you to Light of the Bookworm for tagging me in this! I loved your answers, and I can’t wait to share mine! This is seven things I like in a book, enjoy!

1. A beautiful cover!
So I’m gonna have to go with the same answer for this one. I loooooooove a beautiful cover on a book! Especially when they have beautiful dust jackets and a beautiful hardback cover (for example, the beauty that is King of Scars – stunning!)

2. A floppy book
You know those paperbacks that are just so floppy? They just fall open and the spine doesn’t break, and they’re just a joy to hold? Yeah I love those! I always love it when I find a book I want to read and it’s a ‘floppy book’, I will 9 times out of 10 buy it there and then!

3. End papers
I love when books have gorgeous end papers. It’s like a little secret cover inside the book! My favourite one at the moment is the end papers in Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. This was a collage of concert tickets for the band in various cities around the world in so many colours, and it’s gorgeous!

I mean, just look at them! So gorgeous!

4. Short chapters
I love a book with short chapters! I mean, I love books with long chapters too, but I’d much rather read a book with short chapters. I know that, with short chapters, I can read and finish one or two on the way to or from work, on my lunch, even before bed. I know that I’ll finish reading at the end of a chapter, rather than in the middle. I love short chapters!

5. Great character friendships
I love a book with solid friendships! Friendships like Kate and August in the Monsters of Verity duology, and Kate and Rosemary in The Lido. Both very different friendships, but both are beautiful! I loved reading about these characters so much!

6. A twist
I love a good twist, one you don’t expect but when you look back the clues are all there!! My favourite book with a few twists at the moment is A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, that book kept me on my toes!!

7. When a series has matching covers
I love when book covers match, and when they stay matching throughout the entire publication of the series!!

Even they aren’t the same, they match, and I love that!

I’m sorry this post took me so long to get around to posting/finishing (nearly a month I think)! I started this the day I was tagged and I just haven’t managed to get around to it properly since! Sorry!! It’s here though, better late than never, right?!

I tag: anyone who wants to do this tag!

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8 thoughts on “Tag: 7 Things I Like In A Book”

  1. Floppy paperbacks are the best book format and no one can tell me otherwise!
    Also omg, endpages are an underrated delight, and I wish more books had them. I’m in love with the Daisy Jones endpages omg 😍
    Yes yes yes short chapters are the best. Not only does it mean I don’t have to stop reading in th middle of a chapter, but they trick me into thinking I’m reading so much faster than I actually am!
    Great character friendships are honestly everything in books omg. Especially when there’s a really close group of friends who all love each other; it just melts my heart. I’ll deffo have to check out the books you mentioned with amazing friendships, cuz I’m always on the hunt for more adorable friends in books.
    But yeah, great list! I love this post, and totally agree with everything you mentioned :))

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes floppy paperbacks are the best!! I really wish all paperbacks were like this!! 😂😂
    And beautiful covers certainly entice me as well!!
    Short chapters are really good– I like to read a chapter at a time so it is really handy!! 😂
    Great tag!!! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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