The “multiple mini book reviews” book review post

As the title suggests, this is going to be a review post. This is however, an accumulation of mini reviews for three of the books I’ve read recently. I read all three of them in quite a short space of time, so I thought that I’d just put them all in to one post (mostly because I tried writing proper reviews for all three, and I just couldn’t remember certain parts, and didn’t want to spoil anything from the two thriller-ish books I read back-to-back).

42190061Review number one: The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman

I’d seen this book a lot on Twitter and was really intrigued by the premise and the cover. It looked like it was going to be full of suspense and dark woods, and it was!The plot sounded intriguing just from the blurb, and I was looking forward to getting stuck into it!

This book has four central characters, who are all from the founding families of Four Paths, a town with lots of secrets. The characters all have some kind of ability, which is linked to their family heritage. Each has to perform a secret ritual in order to solidify their powers and their status.

I liked the pacing of this book. At first I wasn’t too sure about the story, but after a few chapters, I was eager to find out what happened next. I liked the different perspectives that this book followed, so we didn’t just have one central character, all four were seen from all angles. I think this helped to connect with characters and really helped to show the different sides of them, and what they thought about each other behind the others’ backs.

I did find this book a little hard to get into, but once I got through the initial chapters, I flew through it. I think the pacing was quite good, and I enjoyed reading about the strangeness within our own world. This book was pitched as a book for “fans of Stranger Things” and I can definitely see where they’re coming from with that one. I think if you enjoy the spooky and strange show, then you’ll find some enjoyment in this spooky and strange book.

Overall I gave this book 4/5 stars on Goodreads.

42196242Review number 2: This Lie Will Kill You by Chelsea Pitcher

This was a very quick read for me; the book was quite short and kept me interested. At the start of this book, I really wasn’t sure if I was going to want to read it, or in fact if I was going to DNF it! But, I finished it within a couple of days.

This book is set over the course of a night. It features a cast of unlikely characters, all are popular, but none are as friendly as they used to be, a mansion in the hills, and the chance to win a lot of money. What could go wrong?

I really wasn’t sure about this book at the start. I found that the writing was the best in places, and some of the characters were quite forgettable. However, it was a quick read that kept me guessing, and I did enjoy it once I got into it. Again, this was a multiple-perspective book which helped to solve the mystery of what had happened at the infamous party, one year prior.

Although this book kept me guessing at parts, I did manage to guess the big reveal a good while before it happened. Nevertheless, I did enjoy it to an extent, and gave it 3.75/5 stars.

42410904Review number 3: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

This wasn’t the first time I’ve read this book – oh no. I’ve read and loved this book before, but I fancied a reread, this time via audiobook. I was browsing through Audible the other day, and I decided to finally get the first book in the “trilogy” (there’s five books by Douglas Adams in this series, and it was deliberately called a trilogy when it was release and I guess it kind stuck).

This book is hilarious at parts, and I’ve always loved the characters and little quirks about it; the Babel fish, the sighing doors, Marvin the Android, the mice, 42, there’s just so much about it that sticks in my mind. I did also thoroughly enjoy the 2005 film, even if it wasn’t received as well. I even wrote an essay on one of the scenes in my A Level film class about 5 years ago (this has made me realise how long ago I was in college, and now makes me realise that I’ve been out of University for a year and wow).

Overall this book will remain one of my favourite books ever, and I really enjoyed the audiobook. It was narrated by the wonderful Stephen Fry, who also narrated the film as well, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you’re looking for a quick read/listen, I’ll always recommend this book. It’s so short, and it’s one that you can fly through within a couple of days with no issues. I gave this book 5/5 stars (again) and I now want to reread the rest of the series!

So that’s my round up of the last three books I read in one post. I quite liked doing the review like this, I may even do more of these in the future.

Have you read any of these books? Are any of these on your tbr? Let me know!

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