NEWTS Readathon Week 2

Week 2 has come around so quickly.

Day 8:

I started reading Red Rising by Pierce Brown today and I’ve already read over 10% of it! I listened to the audiobook on my way to work and on my way home, and I’ve got the ebook ready (thank you whisper sync for existing so I don’t have to figure out where exactly I am in the book myself) to read when I go to bed this evening. I’ve not read any more of An Enchantment of Ravens since last night, but I’m determined to finish it this week.

Last night I also decided to swap out Charlotte’s Web (A book with a bird on the cover) for my reread of Nevernight, which I’m hopefully going to buddy read with Lauren! 🙂

Day 9:

I listened to a lot more of Red Rising today. I’m really enjoying it already, like I said yesterday, and I want to just sit and read it all day long!

Day 10:

Again, I just listened to Red Rising today. I haven’t read any more of An Enchantment of Ravens yet this week, but I need to by the end of the week I think. I want to move on with other books!

Dav 11:

I read some more of An Enchantment of Ravens this morning – finally. I also listened to quite a bit of Red Rising whilst I tidied up the flat and did a bit of cleaning this morning and this afternoon. I love listening to audiobooks when I’m cleaning, it makes it a lot more fun!

Day 12:

Day 12 was more productive. I read some of both Red Rising and An Enchantment of Ravens this morning before work, and I’ve made good progress with both! I think I’ll finish them both by the end of the week!

Day 13:

Read more of both books today. I reckon I’ll finish at least one this week, if not both!

Day 14:

End of the second week and I’ve still not finished either book I’m reading but I think next week will be a lot better! I’m so close to finishing both books!

End of the week progress:

Total pages read so far: 835
Classes passed: An in Herbology (The Flatshare)

Here’s to a better week 3 (which has already started and is already successful)! Week 3 should be a lot better as I’ve also got the whole week off work as well, so will have more reading time!

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