OWLs Magical Readathon 2020: TBR

It’s time for the OWLs Magical Readathon 2020! This is now my second year taking part in this readathon and I honestly can’t wait! Last year’s readathon was so fun, I loved chatting to people on Twitter and Instagram about it and I can’t wait to see what everyone reads this year! The OWLs take place from 1st April until the 30th April.

I’ll be doing weekly updates throughout the readathon so that I can both remember what I’ve read and when, and so that the final post isn’t too long! I’ve chosen some books from my ever-growing tbr, a new find, and a reread from years ago.

The career I have chosen is Trader of Magical Tomes, which honestly sounds like the best job ever! For this career, I have to complete 4 OWLs, and pass 3 NEWTs at different levels. The subjects I need for my OWLs are: Ancient Runes, Charms, History of Magic, and Transfiguration. I’ll list the prompts for each of my subjects alongside my tbr list below!

For Ancient Runes, the prompt is to read a book with a heart on the cover or in the title. For this, I have chosen Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams. This book has been on my tbr since I picked it up on a whim in Sainsburys last year. I’ve been meaning to read it for a while now so this seems like the best opportunity!

For Charms, the prompt is to read a book with a white (or mostly white) cover. For this, I have chosen Frankly in Love by David Yoon. Again, this is a book that has been on my tbr for ages, and is a book I’ve only heard good things about. So many people rated it really highly when it came out last year, so I’m looking forward to seeing what I think of it.

For History of Magic, the prompt is to read a book featuring witches or wizards. For this, I spent ages trying to figure out what book (that wasn’t Harry Potter, I’ve not long finished my latest reread of Potter) to choose. In the end, I chose Truthwitch by Susan Dennard. This was recommended by Lauren on Twitter, so thank you!! I had heard loads of people talking about this book but I’d never added it to my tbr, and I honestly don’t know why. It sounds like it’s right up my street and I’m really looking forward to reading it!

For Transfiguration, the prompt is to read a book that includes shape shifting. Again this was one that I had to really think about, as I couldn’t think of any books with shape shifting in them (apart from Prisoner of Azkaban). The book I have chosen is one that my parents read to my brother and I when we were younger and one I remember enjoying, but one I don’t remember a single thing that happened! That book is The Switchers by Kate Thompson. The copy I have is a bind up of the trilogy so I’m not sure if I’ll just read the first book, or read the first one near the end of the readathon and read the rest of the trilogy straight after.

I had so much fun doing this readathon last year and I’m excited to participate again this year. I can’t wait to get stuck into my tbr!

Are you taking part in the readathon? What career have you chosen? What’s your tbr like? Let me know!

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