Stay Home Reading Rush TBR

This is the first year that I am going to be taking part in any of the Reading Rush Readathons, and this is the third readathon I’m taking part in this month! This readathon is taking place from the 16th to the 19th (Thursday to Sunday) and has a couple of prompts.

Read a book with a house on the cover.
Read a book in the same room the whole time.
Read a book set somewhere you wish you could go.
Read a book that will make you smile.

I will probably be doubling up on one or two of these prompts so that I can hopefully complete all of them.

For the prompt read a book with a house on the cover I am going to read The House We Grew Up In by Lisa Jewell. I’ve read a couple of Jewell’s books this year and found that I can read them fairly quickly, which is ideal for a weekend readathon. This book has the word ‘house’ on the cover, and some editions do have a house on them, just not the Kindle one, so I’m counting it!

For the prompt read a book in the same room the whole time I’m going to read One Of Us Is Next by Karen M. McManus. I have already started this book, but I’ve only read the first chapter (I didn’t read anything yesterday at all) so I’m going to try and read it this weekend instead. I was hoping to finish it by the weekend in order to read one of my OWLs books for the readathon, but I think I’ll leave that until next week now.

And finally, I am combining the final two prompts: read a book set somewhere you wish you could go/a book that will make you smile. For me, the place I would love to go right now (apart from to my Dad’s house) is Hogwarts, and the series that always makes me smile is the Harry Potter series. Therefore I am going to be reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (again) because it is my favourite Potter book and introduces two of my favourite characters: Sirius and Remus!

This is just a short and sweet post of the books I’m hopefully going to read this weekend (I’m not sure how many I’ll actually manage to get through mind). I took part in the Easter Readathon last weekend and managed to read 3 books so I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to read the same amount this week, especially as they’re all fairly short!

What are you planning on reading this weekend? Have you read any of these books? Let me know!

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28 thoughts on “Stay Home Reading Rush TBR”

  1. I’ve never done a readathon before. I think mainly because my TBR is unruly enough as it is, adding more rules to what I read next could be daunting and make me never start 🤣🤣

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  2. I’m not participating in the readathon but I plan on finishing I’ll Never Tell by Catherine McKenzie this weekend. I have only read the first Harry Potter book but hopefully will cross a few more off my list this summer. Good Luck with your reading goals!

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      1. So far its great! I really want to figure what happened/who did it!

        The Prisoner of Azkaban was my favorite movie so hopefully I’ll enjoy the book. 😊

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  3. Never done a readathon, mainly as there are over a hundred books in my TBR and several dozen unread books on my bookshelves. And as someone already mentioned, rules on top of that seem even more daunting.

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  4. Great picks! This weekend i’ll try to finish the two books i’m currently reading – Six Of Crows and The Happy Ever After Playlist. I read One of Us is Lying and really liked it! And Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite Harry Potter book too💖

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    1. Thanks! I love Six of Crows!! I hope you’re enjoying both of your books so far!!
      I enjoyed it too, and I loved One Of Us Is Next even more I think! I started it Thursday morning and finished it Thursday night! 😱


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