2021 Reading Wrap Up

It’s that time of year again. 2021 both feels like the shortest year ever and the longest year ever. This year I somehow have managed to read 143 books!!! This is the first time I can ever remember reading this much in a year, I’m honestly so shocked. I only set my goal as 40 books in January so to have read over 100 more than this is surprising! I love a good statistic, so I’ve included some from my StoryGraph!

I read twenty-two 5 star books, which is only about 15% of all of the books I read this year. Here are some of my favourites of the favourites:

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Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan – Now this book isn’t out until January 2022, however I was lucky enough to receive an eARC of this book and wow. I am so excited for more people to read this, and to reread it. It was so beautifully written I absolutely adored it!! This was an excellent debut and I’m so excited for the next book already! I’d highly recommend this one!

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The Mask Falling by Samantha Shannon – I was pretty late to starting the Bone Season series, so only really got into it at the end of 2019 but I’m so glad I did. This book was amazing and I’m excited for the next book and the rest of the series already, despite not knowing when they’ll be out! Samantha Shannon has become an auto-buy author for me and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next!

This year may be the first year where more than one non-fiction book has made it into my top books of the year. As someone who hadn’t read much non-fiction until the last couple of years, I’m surprised that there is not one, not two, but six non-fiction books in my 5 star list. I may write a separate post about my favourite non-fiction books some day, but for now, here are my top 6 for the last twelve months:

  • Becoming by Michelle Obama – this has been on my list for so long and I’m glad I’ve finally read it. I listened to the audiobook and I’d highly recommend this.
  • 84 Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff – I must admit, I initially got this as I thought it was a fiction book, however when I found out that it was non-fiction I was intrigued. This was a collection of letters between Helene (in America) and a an antique bookshop (in London) and was wonderful!
  • The Seven Ages of Death: A Forensic Pathologist’s Journey Through Life by Dr Richard Shepherd – I read Dr Shepherd’s first book, Unnatural Causes, which was excellent, and his second book was just as good!
  • When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi – this was a difficult read but written so well. It moved me and made me think a lot.
  • Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner – this is the book that resonated most with me this year. As the Goodreads synopsis says, this book centres around ‘family, food, grief, and endurance’ and was just excellent. I even folded down pages and noted down quotes, which is something I don’t often do. I even contemplated annotating and highlighting this one, as it resonated with me so much. I would highly recommend it if you able to read it.
  • Windswept and Interesting: My Autobiography by Billy Connolly – this autobiography was written and read by Billy Connolly, and was performed excellently. If you are looking to read this, I’d highly recommend the audiobook!

There were fourteen other five star reads this year, however I don’t want this post to be too long. Feel free to check out my Goodreads and StoryGraph if you want to see more (shameless plug haha!)

Next up we have some lovely statistics from StoryGraph (I love this website/app, can you tell?)

My reading moods. Mysterious, emotional, and adventurous are all above 50!
This is pretty accurate for the length of book I prefer as well!
I’m surprised by how much non-fiction I read in the second half of the year. One of my goals was to read more non-fiction, so I’m glad that I managed over 10%!
I’m glad that the majority of the books I read were 4 stars and over. One of my main goals of 2021 was to read books I enjoyed and not worry too much about numbers. That being said, this was the most books I can ever remember reading in one year!!

So there we have it, my little wrap up of 2021. This was an excellent reading year for me, and I’m really looking forward to reading some more amazing books in 2022. I’m hoping to be more active on my blog this year, and already have some ideas for blog posts. Happy New Year everyone!

What was your favourite book of 2021? What are you looking forward to reading in 2022? Let me know!

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4 thoughts on “2021 Reading Wrap Up”

  1. Happy New Year! ✨ Wow, 143 is an amazing number of books! I hadn’t heard of Daughter of the Moon Goddess but I just looked it up and it sounds so good!! And congrats on hitting your non-fiction goal! I love the StoryGraph stats, they’re so fun. I’ve still got to do my reading wrap up for the year and I’m excited to look through mine. Wishing you all the best for 2022! ❤

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  2. Wow! That’s an impressive number of 5-star books!

    I’ve been debating whether to add Daughter of the Moon Goddess to my TBR … But, I think you just convinced me. (A beautiful read sounds *so* wonderful after the dumpster fire that was 2021.) The cover that you have above is absolutely gorgeous. Is it from a certain region? Or special edition?

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