Reading Update/Unintentional Hiatus

Hello, long time no speak. How are you all?

I’ve somehow managed to take an unintentional hiatus from my blog this last month or so, and I apologise.

Here is a brief reading update:

I didn’t actually read a lot in September as I was in a bit of a ‘post-readathon slump’ after reading so many amazing books in August. I had one of my most anticipated books (Darkdawn) in my possession  but I wasn’t motivated to read it properly until the end of the month. I finished it last week and it was excellent, a solid 5/5 stars and an amazing conclusion to the Nevernight Chronicle.

I’m I’ve not long finished reading the physical copy of Tunnel of Bones by my favourite author, Victoria Schwab. I loved City of Ghosts when I read it last year, and I actually enjoyed the sequel just as much. It was such a quick read.

I’m now reading Ninth House (very slowly) by Leigh Bardugo; one of my most anticipated books of the year! It’s creepy and I didn’t have a clue what was going on at the start, but I’m actually getting into it now.

I’m also rereading Scythe by Neal Shusterman. This book is a favourite of mine and I’m so excited for the third and final installment in the trilogy to come out next month, which is why I’m starting my reread now (via audiobook). I’m enjoying my reread of this book, and I’m so excited for the third book next month!!

Again, I’m sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve just not felt like blogging much recently, but hopefully that’ll all change now this next couple of weeks. I’m hoping to get quite a lot read over the next week (I’ve got a couple of long train journeys ahead of me) and then hopefully get a lot of posts written (there’s about 10 in my drafts folder).

I’ve been more active on my Twitter and Instagram the last couple of months, which has been great, but I want to write more blog posts now too. I’m going to try and get the balance between the social media and the blog back again – fingers crossed for November!

Hope you’re all having a great day/week! Reading

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6 thoughts on “Reading Update/Unintentional Hiatus”

  1. I totally get not feeling like blogging as I’ve felt like that and sometimes a break is just what you need. I’m glad you enjoyed Tunnel of Bones as I read City of Ghosts earlier this year! I haven’t started Ninth House yet but I’m excited too, i’m glad you are getting into it and it sounds like a perfect October read! I’m glad you are back to posting and happy reading!! 💕

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